Join In On The Banksy Spy Booth Games To Win An NFT!

Join In On The Banksy Spy Booth Games To Win An NFT!

In celebration of finding the Banksy Spy Booth mural bricks, we are hosting the Banksy Spy Booth Games where you can win a FREE NFT!

These puzzles are fun and will be challenging. But by solving them, you get a chance to win FREE NFTs and access to future Cosmic Wire NFT drops, giveaways, and VIP event access!

Here’s how it works:

  • UThere are a total of four different games:
  • Spy Numbers
  • Lock Code Puzzle
  • Spy Riddles
  • Outsmart a Spy Logic Test
  • UFor the first 10 people who correctly complete each one of the Games, they will receive a FREE Banksy Spy Booth NFT and exclusive access to future upcoming drops, giveaways, in-person events.
  • UThe first person who gets all 4 of the Games correct will get an NFT and a Platinum Cosmic Pass to our future drops, giveaways and in-person events!
  • U100% future down-chain royalties will be donated to charity.

Ready to get started? Choose the channel you use the most to receive your first Spy Message to start the Spy Games with:


DM us with the passcode “Spy Games”

Facebook Messanger

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